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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Bit of a Challenge

Here's is Quilt #3 for Victoria's Quilts for this year.  I decided to try to use as much of the contributed fabric as I could for the next Victoria's Quilt I was going to make. 

I chose a main fabric and went with that for colors.  As it turned out, even with my stash I couldn't quite get it to come together.

So, a trip to the quilt store - Mad About Patchwork - was required.  It wasn't a hardship that's for sure - I love quilt store visits.  

I was looking for some fabric that would work with what I had.  Once again, Katy came to the rescue and found  the brown and lilac fabrics.  

Not sure if this block has a special name, but I'm calling it Square in a Square.

This is a tied quilt (not my favorite finishing method) but in the need for expediency, I went with that.

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