Friday, June 15, 2018

Circus Quilt

When I saw the Me & My Sister Confetti fabric I was smitten.  The lively colored collection was just what I was looking for when planning a quilt for another grand niece.

The yellow, green, red, pink, orange, shades of blue and purple colors made this quilt pop. The variation of fabric which included lines, dots, squiggles, triangles added contrast.   I purchased the pattern "Circus" that featured this fabric and went to work playing with colors and layout.  When you work with such 'happy' fabric, it's such fun.

Once the quilt was pieced, I was off to Happy Wife Quilting in Carleton Place to use the long arm.  I chose a design of hearts - simple but suited for this quilt.  The Warm'n Natural batting gave a perfect weight.  The backing was pink polka dots on pink.  

I found the perfect binding at my LQS, The Pickle Dish.  Worked wonderfully with the colors.

The final product looked great.  The violet in the fabric turned out to be serendipitous as that was what she was named!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Mystery Quilt-a-long

Joined the PEI Modern Quilt Guild's Mystery Quilt-a-long in September 2017.   I've never tried one of these before, so I was very interested to see how it would turn out.  I made a resolve to use the fabric on hand instead of buying more fabric.  That was a challenge in itself!!


As I had no idea how the quilt would go together, I chose a manageable size of 48 x 48.   Every month from September to April a new clue was provided and I diligently set about making the required pieces. 



January 2018

Each month participants could post their finished pieces for that month to the PEI Mystery QAL site for a chance to win prizes.  It was interesting to see other colors chosen by everyone. 

So with the final clue given and the directions on how to put it all together,  I constructed the "Starburst Blossom" quilt.  It consisted of four 24" blocks.  

I realized that if I added another 2 blocks to the quilt, I would be able to make a lap quilt for Victoria's Quilt donation.  (I am a member of the local friends group for Victoria's Quilts who make quilts to give to cancer patients.)  So I went back over each monthly clue and constructed the necessary blocks for the quilt.    

As sometimes happens, when I make quilts with so many seams, my quilts end up a bit bigger than what they should be.  My accuracy for the 1/4" seam could use some work!!  Unfortunately,  I had to cut a bit off the long ends of the quilt to let if fall within the parameters of the quilt size for donations for this charity. (48"-52" x 68" - 72")    No problem, my points might be a bit off on the ends.  I love the brightness of the starbursts.

I quilted it in a loopy design on my Bernina, added the binding and hand stitched it to complete the quilt.
Photo Credit

Thanks PEI Modern Quilt Guild for providing such an excellent Mystery Quilt-a-long.  Look forward to any others you may have in the coming years.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

10 Minute Quilt Block

My next charity quilt is made with "10 minute" blocks.   I found this technique on YouTube in my quest for simple yet interesting blocks.

Each block consists of 5 pieces of square fabric.  Mine were 6 1/2" square.  This made a 12 1/2" unfinished block.   Only 3 seams involved and it was simple to make.  I followed Suzanne McNeill's YouTube video which was very helpful.  Once the seams were sewn I simply top-stitched the focus center square and it was done.  I also made half the blocks with a smaller center focus fabric to give a bit of variation to the pattern.   

By doing a bit of math, you can easily make the blocks the size you'd require for a different size quilt.

When I put all the blocks together, my quilt was a bit too long for the dimensions required by Victoria's Quilts. So I took a row off and made an off set couple of rectangular pieces on both ends.  

I machine quilted with diagonal lines and tied it was well with yellow embroidery thread.

As usual, most of the fabric for the quilt was from the Victoria's Quilts Friends Group here in town.  I added a few from my stash to complete it.  It has a very Autumnal look to it - color wise and also some of the themed fabrics. 

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Scania Shawl

I enjoy quilting, but I also appreciate a good knitting project.  When I saw Grocery Girls, Tracie (@just_tracie on Instagram / tracieknits on Ravelry) and Jodi (@mrsbrownsbags on Instagram & Ravelry), on Off Our Needles discuss a knit along (KAL) for this beautiful shawl by Caroline Wiens, I knew I had to knit this gorgeous piece.  

The pattern and yarn were offered at a discount on Craftsy, so it was easy to purchase.  I chose the same colors as Jodi.  Those blues and soft neutrals were calling to me.  I took a quick look at the downloadable pattern and waited with giddy anticipation for the yarn to arrive.

Yarn day came and I took up my needles and tried to start the cast on.  I couldn't quite figure out the instructions.  Don't know if any of you follow Ravelry, but the Scania forum on there was invaluable to say the least.  Lots of people were posting that they were having the same difficulty as I was with the pattern, so I didn't feel quite so inept.  Many people posted their experience knitting the shawl as well as some very beneficial tips and explanations.  Not sure if I could have done it without them.    

Once I had successfully started the project, I added some tips of my own to the forum.  Hope it helped other knitters who found themselves at a standstill. 

Caroline Wiens is from Malmo, Sweden and her design of this shawl was amazing.  I have done cable stitches before, but her faux cable was easy and gave the same look as a regular cable.  Her magical fringe was quite an experience to unravel.  The whole time I was knitting the shawl I kept thinking, "How is this going to make a fringe without unraveling the whole shawl?".  Have faith, it works!

Other aspects that were delightful were the color changes, 4 pattern repeat, the building of a shawl from just a few stitches, and the I-cord edging.

A great shawl - glad I made it.

Check out the The Grocery Girls videos on YouTube for a treat.  They are very entertaining.  Here's their latest video

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Marianne Quilt

My most recent charity quilt is the Marianne pattern by Sarah Overton which was published in the latest Modern Quilt Guild magazine.  

The pattern uses pre-cut layer cake fabric to create HSTs.  They are then put together on point.  I really liked the look it created.  I was even able to use a charm pack for which I've been trying to find a purpose.  
At last I've used them and I think they added a lovely bit of color to this quilt.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Scrappy Improv Blocks

So the other day in my attempt to use bits and pieces of fabric, I decided to give the scrappy improv block a try.  I made  10 1/2" squares and 12 1/2" squares with the pieces.  I'm usually a pattern kind of gal, so this was stepping outside the box for me.  Well, I made quite a few actually - 36 blocks.  I decided to group them by dominant color and with  sashings and borders they would do nicely as quilties.

Here's how they turned out. 


Saturday, December 9, 2017

Charity Quilts 2017 Goal Reached!!

As the busy times will soon start with Christmas only a few weeks away, I finally found the time to finish my Charity Quilt Goal for this year.

In January I resolved to make 12 quilts for charity and I have accomplished this goal.  So glad to contribute to Victoria's Quilts and local organizations in my area.

Here's a Coin quilt.  I had never heard of this quilt style before.  It was suggested to me by one of the quilt guild ladies. I really enjoyed it and once again it consumed those bits of fabric that might otherwise not have been used.  There were 2 methods of putting these pieces together.  One was by sewing 2 1/2" x WOF strips together - about 5 strips seems a good number.  Then cut into 6 1/12" segments.  When there weren't any long enough strips of fabric, I sewed shorts pieces together and that worked as well.  Just remember to straight the work as you go.  Things can go wonky otherwise :)

I'm calling this quilt Rectangles within Rectangles.
This quilt's blocks are 6 1/2" x 10 " unfinished.  No chain sewing here!!  The fabric was from my stash - mostly pinks and blues, but it seemed to work.
 Now to ponder my projects for next year.......