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Monday, May 14, 2018

Mystery Quilt-a-long

Joined the PEI Modern Quilt Guild's Mystery Quilt-a-long in September 2017.   I've never tried one of these before, so I was very interested to see how it would turn out.  I made a resolve to use the fabric on hand instead of buying more fabric.  That was a challenge in itself!!


As I had no idea how the quilt would go together, I chose a manageable size of 48 x 48.   Every month from September to April a new clue was provided and I diligently set about making the required pieces. 



January 2018

Each month participants could post their finished pieces for that month to the PEI Mystery QAL site for a chance to win prizes.  It was interesting to see other colors chosen by everyone. 

So with the final clue given and the directions on how to put it all together,  I constructed the "Starburst Blossom" quilt.  It consisted of four 24" blocks.  

I realized that if I added another 2 blocks to the quilt, I would be able to make a lap quilt for Victoria's Quilt donation.  (I am a member of the local friends group for Victoria's Quilts who make quilts to give to cancer patients.)  So I went back over each monthly clue and constructed the necessary blocks for the quilt.    

As sometimes happens, when I make quilts with so many seams, my quilts end up a bit bigger than what they should be.  My accuracy for the 1/4" seam could use some work!!  Unfortunately,  I had to cut a bit off the long ends of the quilt to let if fall within the parameters of the quilt size for donations for this charity. (48"-52" x 68" - 72")    No problem, my points might be a bit off on the ends.  I love the brightness of the starbursts.

I quilted it in a loopy design on my Bernina, added the binding and hand stitched it to complete the quilt.
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Thanks PEI Modern Quilt Guild for providing such an excellent Mystery Quilt-a-long.  Look forward to any others you may have in the coming years.

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