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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Scania Shawl

I enjoy quilting, but I also appreciate a good knitting project.  When I saw Grocery Girls, Tracie (@just_tracie on Instagram / tracieknits on Ravelry) and Jodi (@mrsbrownsbags on Instagram & Ravelry), on Off Our Needles discuss a knit along (KAL) for this beautiful shawl by Caroline Wiens, I knew I had to knit this gorgeous piece.  

The pattern and yarn were offered at a discount on Craftsy, so it was easy to purchase.  I chose the same colors as Jodi.  Those blues and soft neutrals were calling to me.  I took a quick look at the downloadable pattern and waited with giddy anticipation for the yarn to arrive.

Yarn day came and I took up my needles and tried to start the cast on.  I couldn't quite figure out the instructions.  Don't know if any of you follow Ravelry, but the Scania forum on there was invaluable to say the least.  Lots of people were posting that they were having the same difficulty as I was with the pattern, so I didn't feel quite so inept.  Many people posted their experience knitting the shawl as well as some very beneficial tips and explanations.  Not sure if I could have done it without them.    

Once I had successfully started the project, I added some tips of my own to the forum.  Hope it helped other knitters who found themselves at a standstill. 

Caroline Wiens is from Malmo, Sweden and her design of this shawl was amazing.  I have done cable stitches before, but her faux cable was easy and gave the same look as a regular cable.  Her magical fringe was quite an experience to unravel.  The whole time I was knitting the shawl I kept thinking, "How is this going to make a fringe without unraveling the whole shawl?".  Have faith, it works!

Other aspects that were delightful were the color changes, 4 pattern repeat, the building of a shawl from just a few stitches, and the I-cord edging.

A great shawl - glad I made it.

Check out the The Grocery Girls videos on YouTube for a treat.  They are very entertaining.  Here's their latest video

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