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Sunday, October 15, 2017


Our quilters' guild supplies the local hospital with Quilties for the newborns.  I enjoy making them as it uses up my stash of fabric and allows me to practice my free motion quilting.  Most of all it gives the newborns a little something special to take home with them.

The quilties I made this month gave me a chance to try a few new pattern blocks.  

I have made a Disappearing 9 Patch quilt before, but this one was made with no particular background fabric, just assorted blocks.  Also, when there wasn't enough material for a full block I pieced from smaller cuts of fabric.  Certainly a different look.  The free motion quilting was hearts and curves with circles. 

Took the opportunity to try a Quilt As You Go quiltie.  This is a fun method which works well with long strips that are at least 1 1/2" to approximately 3" in width.  Once all the fabric was sewn, I made lines diagonally to the ones that were formed when I sewed the long strips on.

The guild sometimes provides kits of fabric that we can work with.  I picked up one that had some interesting colors -  dark blues, reds, yellows and black and white fabric - not the usual baby pastels.  It also had a print of snowmobiles with some of those colors.   Fortunately, there was enough fabric for 2 quilties.  I made On the Fence pattern with one and stitched in the ditch for quilting.

The second was Rectangle Pinwheels.  The quilting was hearts, curves and circles.

And finally, Pastel Rectangles and Squares quiltie. Lots of soft baby colors and the quilting was free motion echo shells.

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