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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Scrappy Quilt

Oh yes, it started out so simply. I wanted to clean up and organize (once again) my quilt area. Sure, I had a stash of material ready for projects but I also had a stash of remnants - all of those smaller, left over pieces - some dating back 25 years with lots of memories. I had a lap-sized quilt in mind and started cutting (and piecing) 2 1/2 inch squares and tossing them in a container to ensure randomness when piecing.  Also did some piecing to create some unique 2 1/2" squares.

In what can be described as a positive example of ‘mission-creep’, over the next three weeks and 100 plus hours, the project had grown into a queen-sized with colours randomly chosen to create my beautiful scrappy quilt.  Made from 1,400 pieces sewn to form fifty-six 10-inch blocks, I added a one-inch sashing around blocks and two-inch border to finish the quilt top.

After piecing, I went to Jen’s at Happy Wife Quilting to try my hand at machine-quilting. What a treat to use the long-arm quilter - I want one!  

With Jen's setup and guidance, I easily finished the quilting in less than a day.    I discovered, straight lines in patterns require plenty of practice, so I chose a pantograph pattern called "Vertigo" with lots of curves.  The batting was my favorite, Warm & Natural.    I hand-stitched the green binding to finish the quilt.

The backing was originally purchased for a smaller size so I applied some creativity to make it wide enough.  

I’m really quite happy with the results.  ALL of my remnants and some of my good stash are gone.  And after making so many quilts for relatives and charities, this time, I have a quilt made just for me! 😊


  1. I love everything about this, including the self-made squares! So fun and happy :)

  2. You did an incredible job with this quilt!! I can just well imagine all the time and work it involved. You should be so proud and it is all for YOURSELF. Good for you!! Jen is my niece and she is a very patient and great teacher.