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Monday, May 8, 2017

May is for Makers month

This is a cool idea started by Lindsey Rhodes (@lrstitched) May is for Makers to support indie makers.  Not just one particular type of maker, but all indie makers.

I think it's great to support indie makers.  In my case,  I plan to support quilt pattern makers.  

Over the past years, I have found my share of free patterns on the internet as well as paid for many.  I have also tried to put down on paper some designs I have made.   I know how much work goes into putting something out there for sale, that buyers can use to make their own creations.

I appreciate the work of indie makers and plan to purchase several patterns during this May is for Makers month.

My first pattern purchase this month is Craftsman Quilt by Amy Smart of  Diary of a Quilter

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